What do you get when you mix a Virgo and a Cancer? Nothing!

But when you have 2 classically trained chefs, well that's a different story!

Welcome to Melrose Bite, where your palate will thank you and your stomach will calm you. We are that "Hole in the Wall" -- serving street food, gourmet style. We are hip, culturally diverse and all around fun-loving people. Your first impression walking in will be our mural of Los Angeles, because without Los Angeles, then where else would we be? Followed by that, you will meet Liat. Liat is your go-to person when it comes to choosing your meal and then choosing your next destination! Soon after that, you won't be able to miss Nate. He's a who's who in the restaurant world, plus he makes a mean fried chicken sandwich, which is the reason you came!! So sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort that is our food. I promise you won't want to go anywhere else!



This spot is absolutely amazing!! My partner and I came and were blown away. Service is prompt and the food is on point!

David J.

Such a wonderful experience!! The guy at the store was so nice and the food was so good! If I lived in los Angeles I'd definitely order again!

Damaris O.

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